Large model disapears at zoom in

I have a model that covers a lot of topographical data (approx 4km x 2km stretch of land). when I zoom in to works on the detail the elements disappear from before the camera and I can’t work on them. It’s similar to normal SU behavior but it happens much quicker (ie. elements that are say 5m in front of the camera disappear). I also noticed that similar happens when I import from CAD preserving the drawing origin.

Is there a way to control this so that one could still zoom in to the details in large models?

If you’re in perspective mode, try switching to parallel projection and using Zoom Extents before zooming back in again.

Thanks, this did work, however is there another way to make the perspective view work as well. I don’t really like working in parallel projection.

This is the famous clipping plane issue. In my view it’s probably the single biggest issue in Sketchup.

One workarounds is to lower the field of view (press Z, type in angle and press enter, default is 30 in Pro and 35 in Make). Another workaround is to do all details in separate models and then copy them into the master model.

The problem also arises when the model content is far away from the origin which often happens when importing DWG files.