A problem installing (FerrariSketch) plugin



I’m having a problem in installing the FerrariSketch plugin i am using sketchup 15 and i’ve copied files to the place required and i could find the toolbar … can anyone help … although i have been using that in sketchup 8 … this is the plugin page (http://de.sergeferrari.com/serge-ferrari-sketch-3/#)

And if there is any other plugin rather than skin soap & bubble plugin please help me in that.


The home page for FerrariSketch says the plugin was last updated in 2010 for Google SketchUp 8. SketchUp has gone through major changes since then, particularly with regard to the embedded Ruby interpreter. It is not impossible, but it is also not likely that this plugin will run properly under Trimble SU 2015 without maintenance. Unfortunately, the bulk of the plugin is distributed as an encrypted Ruby file, so nobody but the original authors can bring it up to modern versions of SketchUp.

It isn’t clear from your post exactly what is going wrong. For example, you wrote “I could find the toolbar” but you didn’t say what happens after you find it. Or did you mean to write “I could not find…”?


Thanks for your reply …I couldn’t find the toolbar however in materials i
found it loaded…

Unfortunately that I couldn’t find any other plugin for tensile membrane
architecture rather than this ferrari … do u know any substitutions???

Thnx again


Sorry, not my area of expertise. The only one I know of is the soap skin and bubble you mentioned earlier.