A new way to Bevel edges in SketchUp

My gif was recorded using SketchUp 2023. Something is different with your 2023 installation.

I had the same error message once or twice while doing the oreo model. But considering the complexity of some of the faces, I brushed it off and use fredo corner instead on the few unruly faces.

Whaat might know what and why.

Hi legis - Can you please submit a ticket at our Help Desk and attach your SU2022 Bevel log files?
Help Desk
How to send log files

The error you are seeing is a generic one. It could be caused by many factors (conflicting plugin, corrupt user preferences, bad geometry, etc.). If you provide your log files, we should be able to figure out what is going on.

Good morning!!
The problem really was the proper animation plugin, after uninstalling it it started working again. Thank you for your help.

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Thanks for the update legis! We will look into this to see if there is anything we can do to fix it on our end.

@Whaat Hey Dale!

I’m using bevels for geometry shaping as I work with curves in my architectural projects all the time (as example above) and Bevel is excellent with that. So I have a couple of remarks.

When working with Bevel I tend to eyeball most of the time as I feel the VCB and inferences work a bit off the way Sketchup usually does.

1. Measurements

I don’t feel that values in VCB work very well.

Input values prioritize changes in segments instead of distance. This is inconsistent with other Sketchup tools, that prioritize distances instead of segments.

So, if I’m working in meters and input 1.5 the VCB should assume I mean 1.5m instead of 1.5 segments.

In other tools, if I want to change segments of an arc, for instance, I simply type 2s, 15s or whatever. This is simple enough to change segments and then it allows us to stick with those segments from then on. I feel we don’t need to change segments as often as inputing bevel distances, so prioritizing distance would allow us to work accurately.

2. Inferences

I miss the inference system. I’d like to be able to hit an edge and make it snap to other geometry in the model, like the end of a box, the alignment of some architectural element, or something else.

Holding shift and all the arrow keys would allow us to precisely pick inferences.

I understand that this was not initially your intended use, as bevels use to be only about adding details to edges of models. However, as this tool is so cool and allows for such a great workflow beyond that, it would be cool if you could implement these requests, at least the first one, as an option.

It would be interesting to hear what others think.

Thanks in advance, João


Thanks for the feedback JQL! These are great ideas and will be strongly considered in the next update. We definitely need to handle inferencing better in the next update and I think you make a good point about the VCB input.

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…and you also seem to like a good challenge!

I hope you nail it, but I understand if you don’t or can’t. Best and thank you very much!

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We have just released version 1.0.2 which adds inferencing to the bevel tool along with some other requested quality-of-life improvements (complete list below):

  • Inferencing can now be used to set the bevel offset distance
  • Last used non-destructive bevel settings will now persist and be used as defaults for the next non-destructive bevel
  • It is now possible to edit the offset distance of the last bevel operation by keying in a distance value immediately after performing a bevel with the Bevel tool
  • Fixed a bug where the corner faces of a one-segment chamfer would not inherit the material of the adjacent faces
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where the cursor would not be set properly when using the non-destructive offset tool
  • Forward compatibility changes
  • Added Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Chinese translations

Great! Great stuff!

Great tool, much appreciated. Any chance we could enter bevel units in feet as well as inches? As in: 6’. Obviously not a big deal to convert, just a thought. Thanks for all the great extensions.

endlessfix - I’ve noted this request for a future update