A line intersecting my wall overlays a new plane on my windows

I’m hoping this is easy to solve.
I have the front of a house with windows in it on both the top and bottom floor. 2 windows on top, 2 on bottom. The windows are grouped together. I wanted to split this wall horizontally between the top and bottom windows just so I can apply different materials to the top vs the bottom. When I draw a line across the face, instead of just splitting the existing face into 2, it seems to create a new face on the top half which lays in front of my window glass with just the window frames sticking out.
How am I supposed to get the windows to cut into the face again like they did when I first added them? If I select inside the window area, it selects the whole upper face and if I delete it, it deletes the whole upper floor wall.
The bottom half of the wall is acting as expected… it isn’t hiding behind the upper area… it’s shrunk to just the lower half but didn’t redraw itself across the windows like it did in the upper half. Why can’t the upper half operate like the lower half did?
It seems like a weird requirement that using a line to split a face, requires creating a new plane - ignoring all characteristics of the plane that was just there. Is there some kind of split feature I don’t see?

How about sharing the .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

Here is a file with just the wall and windows copied into it. Thanks for your help.Problems with splitting the wall.skp (191.9 KB)

Explode the group so it isn’t spanning across the two faces after you draw the horizontal line.

The hole cutting can only happen for one face. Your unneeded grouping of the windows is getting in the way.

Ok. So grouping shouldn’t be done across faces I guess.

Not for hole-cutting components. Be careful and don’t use unneccesary nesting. It just gets in the way or modeling. Evidently this is a hobby thing for you. My advice is don’t make your hobby harder than it needs to be. :wink:

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