Not able to split or cut holes in a face

This is my problem.
I have made a building, I marked out the places for windows and doors, I modeled windows and doors and placed them in the openings. After a lot more modeling, the wall split up like it had hidden geometry. I’ve messed up somewhere I guess… so I removed the wall, checked the edges. It took 40 tries to make a new wall, now I have this:

It seems likely the wall face is still not planar, but it is hard to be sure from images. Assuming it is not proprietary, could you share the model file so we can look in depth? If it is <3MB you can upload it directly here, if larger, you can put it on the EW or your favorite file sharing site and give the link here.

I just uploaded the file to my drive. Hope you can have a look. Thanks!

Most of you doors and window do not have any geometry that reaches the wall at all four corners on the wall face (see first attached image). This makes it difficult to locate the right points to draw a rectangle for the cutout. In the one case that did have extensions from corners to the wall, I could draw a rectangle, it cut the wall’s face, and I could delete the rectangle to cut an opening (see second image). One must pay close attention to the inference snaps to make sure you are both on the face and at the endpoint.


It’s strange that I wouldn’t be able to create an opening anywhere else. The rectangle I drew was on the face. Most of the time I get this problem with faces that “don’t work” I’m doing it to use the push pull tool for example. At best, three points on a face will create a new face as if I was editing from a group. Sometimes causing z fighting. In this case if I drew a triangle with one edge being the edge of the plane, sketchy would allow me to cut it out.

Thank you so much for your help!

This really doesn’t solve my problem. The issue is with the wall itself. With all windows gone, it shouldn’t be a problem to draw a rectangle and cut it out! I’m still struggling with this.