A couple of questios about text and selection connected edges

Hi everybody.

I have a couple of basic questions, they’re not related to each other but I didn’t want to overload the forum with two topics of mine.

My first question is about the Text Tool.

Is it possible to place the text where I want? for example in this picture, can I align them to the red line?


The .skp file if it was needed question.skp (44.2 KB)

My second question is about selecting connected edges, is there any native option to select all connected edges?, I ask this because I don’t see anywhere.

To show what I mean I made several polygons with 12 segments everyone and I chose exploded curve. In the following picture showing endpoints is enable, I’d like to know if there any option to select all edges connected to the red one I chose.


Thanks in advance.

As far as I can tell, the answer’s ‘no’ except by eye. I think the only pickable point in text is the position of the arrowhead, and that only when you create it. If it gets detached, I’ve found no way to get an inference anywhere on a loose piece of text. (But I’d love to be proved wrong!).

Not when it’s mixed up with faces and other edges, again as far as I know.

But there’s a plugin that will: Selection Toys. From the main Tools menu (not in the Context Menu)

If you hover over any edge in a loop (which is closed by definition), it selects the whole loop.

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Thank you so much @john_mcclenahan :wink:

You are welcome.

I was thinking about the Text positioning, and there’s a reason for it which I’ve just thought of.

The only fixed point in a piece of text is where it was placed when first created. Using Move on the text only affects the length of the offset to the text. But the text itself behaves like a FaceMe component, rotating about its attachment point. So even if you could line up the angles in the leader line from one point of view, they’d all move out of line when you change the viewpoint.

If you want text to stay fixed in 3D space, use 3D text with no extrusion. To make editable 3D text, use one of the FlatText plugins (two free, one paid for), or ThomThom’s 3D Text Editor plugin (all available from the Extension Warehouse).

All kinds of text add quite a lot of rendering time to the model, and it is slow to display if you have a lot of it in a large model.

Either put it on a layer, or get (yet another) plugin which can show or hide text, dimensions, or both (‘dimsvis’) from SketchUcation plugin store. It can also put text and dimensions on predefined layers for you, if you don’t want to do them individually, or forgot as you created them.

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Thanks again, I think you’re right.
I also thought on the using of 3D Text Tool as workaround if I need to do something like what I asked.
It was only something I was wondering.

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