Making 3D text part of the intended object

When I try to place my 3d text on the face of a part that I intend to make into a component, when I “select all connected”, the 3d text is not part of the selection. What am I missing?

Without seeing an example of your exact usage it’s a guess but I expect you need to explode the 3D Text component.

Hi Dave,
Thats exactly what I finally did. Thanks for the response.

“Select all connected” only follows the graph (network) of edges and faces that are connected, starting from the previous selection. A face uses several edges, and an edge is often used by a face.

The 3D text component contains several independent meshes of connected faces/edges. But after exploding it, it does not necessarily intersect the surounding entities, even if it is in the same space. You may have to draw an edge from a vertex of the outer entities to a vertex of the 3D text entities, or you “intersect” them with their suroundings.

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