A cone, but maintain the wall thickness

I’m probably missing something utterly fundamental, but…

I want to create a cylinder with 10mm walls that is 1.140m at the base, and 1.500m at the top.

How do I create that? Using scale ‘thickens’ the material, only slightly, but enough and also means working out the scale factor to suit the dimensions…

Is there an easy, solid way of doing this?

TIA as ever,


@nick.wardman, what will the height be?
The ‘Follow Me’ tool will be your best friend. Draw the desired profile (half the cross section) and apply that using a circle perimeter to follow.




Thanks, guys

This sentence makes me think that you may not be aware that the scale tool also accepts absolute dimensions. Start a scale operation, then type in a desired target dimension including the unit symbol like 5” or 13cm.

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