Cone wall thickness - create


Can someone help me to build a cone with wall thickness?


Just to clarify, i can create the cone, but not with a wall


Try the follow me tool



Legend, thanks @Shep


Hi @Shep - in your model, is the cone actually solid? When I do it (I have segmented it into even horizontal portions) each portion only seems to have a top…?



I’m afraid I don’t quite understand the problem. Can you post an image or the model?
You might have internal faces preventing a solid.



How big is the cone ? You might wanna scale things up by factor 100…


When you say “actually solid”, you know that all sketchup objects are shells right? We call a shell a solid when it’s watertight or compleatly closed, but if you segment or cut into a “solid” they are all hollow inside.


hi @endlessfix @shep - got it. Is there a way to “fill” the cone…or just don’t worry about it?


You cannot “fill” it like a true solid. but you can easily repair the missing face. Using the line tool simply trace over one of the existing lines around the bottom OD where the missing face is. Be sure to go from end point to end point (green dot) on any give facet, that should regenerate a face if all the other lines are coplanar. It’s often called “repairing” a face.

EDIT: BTW it looks like somehow you have all the faces reversed, with the white inside and the blue outside. This should be repaired via select-rightclick-reverse faces.


thanks @endlessfix


hi @Shep - for the life of me I cannot recreate my heroics of yesterday and segment my cone with its nice wall. I have been using a cutting sheet, pasting it in place then right click Intersect Faces, with Model - I have done this every which way possible but I can’t seem to do it, when I’m pretty sure I did the same thing yesterday and had it working! Sorry to be a pain - have you got some direction on this?


Is your cone grouped or a component now?


component, when removing my cutting sheets I had been trying to move them out of the way instead of deleting the insides, then the outline. i seem to have it now…


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