A Better Alternative iPad Viewer for SketchUp

Try www.cairnsmith.com

You can view, interact in full 3D and in real time (including replacing objects in 3D) on the iPad. The service also renders your design and allow you to “walk” into and around in it. It also has includes Augmented Reality.

And do you work for this company ? Or are you a customer ?

Hi DanRathbun, I am part of the development team

Everything I see here seems to be geared toward. Interior models. I am more concerned with exterior models. Soooo?

Hi Christopher, currently Cairnsmith is undergoing an update. We are building Cairnsmith as a plug in , adding the ability to post render with Vray to be directly export to the iPad for stills and SLAM and the ability to share from the app to FB, improvements to the SLAM feature. We expect Cairnsmith to be available again for sign up by the middle of April.

Although the app was targeted for interior scenes and models we have had users using it for exterior architecture scenes and models as well. The app works in both cases, except that the SLAM “walkthrough” feature as it is now may not be very useful for exterior models.