3D Interactive SketchUp On iPad


If you want to easily create full 3D interactive and visually immersive presentation of your sketchUp design, try Cairnsmith. You simply zip your skp file and submit to the site and it renders and ports your model into your iPad with full 3D interactivity including Augmented Reality. Free 30 Day Trial



And do you work for them ? are you a customer ?


with no cost listed anywhere on the site or appstore… no mention of it being a 30 day trial… just ‘free’ written everywhere…

sounds scary… i’ll pass.


Hi Dan Rathbun, I was part of the development team.

Hi Jeff thanks for the feedback, you are right we need to be clearer on pricing on the site and will get that fixed. The info unfortunately is in the users page after signing up for the trial.
The app is Free, the sign up is Free (no credit card needed), the simple sign up form does state Free 30 day trial. Upon expiration, if you want to continue using the service and app, it is US39 for 30 days unlimited. No contract and no need to be continuous. Meaning you can purchase a 30 day block and after the 30 days if you have no need for it, you do not need to maintain the subscription and you can come back when you want to use it again to buy a 30 day block.
The app/service was only recently released for sketchup. It also supports 3ds Max.



yeah, i get it that you don’t want to scare people off prior to them even trying it but as a consumer, it’s super lame to sign up for stuff which is advertised as free only then to learn of the cost… personally, i’d just be ‘screw that’ based on principal alone :wink:

idk… looks cool. (i don’t have an ipad atm… probably doesn’t work on iphones?)


Hi Jeff, I agree, we have nothing to hide and we do have to make the site clearer. We came out of beta not too long ago and so do have quite a few things we need to update there.
And no, unfortunately not on iPhone. We are planning on the android platform but no firm dates yet.