$99. and in the dark?

Knowing the free lunch will end, I bought SketchUp, SHOP. Gave them my $99. Now what? Nothing from Trimble. Or did I just pay for what was(and still may be) free? What’s going on??
Bill Gebhardt

Interesting, 10 minutes after I posted the above, my email has a “Welcome to your SketchUp Shop subscription!”. Someone is watching this forum. Thank you Someone. Bill Gebhardt

It is an automated system, I doubt if anyone is handling sales on sunday morning.
Sometimes, the system needs to be triggered by logging out and back in.

Isn’t SketchUp SHOP subscription based? You didn’t buy it, you rented it.

+1 to what @MikeWayzovski said.

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You are right, I rented it for a year. I got the Welcome thing but how do I access what I rented. All I’m getting is the freebie that is offering me a 30 day trial.

So, if I goggle up SketchUp, Log in, how do I know if I have Free or Shop?

One way to know that you are signed into Shop is the availability of the Solid Tools.

If you don’t see them, go to your Trimble Connect account in your browser. connect.trimble.com and sign in. Then click on the person icon in the upper right and My Trimble Subscriptions.
Screenshot - 6_11_2020 , 9_20_31 PM

What Dave shows will let you know whether you’re seeing the Free or Shop version of the web SketchUp app. But in case you had not found the link in your My Apps page, you will want to sign into this page to get started:


Dave and Colin, Thank You! I have used SketchUp since Google 7 for most of my shop work, and now 3D. I know 17 is going to lose support and that’s why I went with Shop. But the lack of Start-up/Introduction support from Trimble does make me nervous. I’m good now. Thanks