8" Mass Wall Into 8" Detailed Wall

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone knows of an extension (free or paid) that could simplify the process of turning a basic 8" mass wall into several different grouped solids. Essentially turning an 8" “massing” wall into an 8" wall that has 1/2" gypsum, 5.5" stud, etc.

I’m guessing I could do this with Profile Builder in a more advanced way, but thought I’d check to see if there’s a simple plugin that could do this.


Profile buider 3 can make detailed walls


Medeek Wall can switch between 3D wall massings, to fully framed, sheathed, and drywalled wall panels in a few clicks.

And it does a lot more than that…



This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for - thank you very much mihai.s!

Thanks LinearGraphs, I should have mentioned, I’m an avid Medeek user, I’ve just been looking for something a little different as a continuously try to refine / optimize my BIM workflow. Thank you!

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Yes thank you, as I mentioned, I figured Profile Builder could do this, just wanted to see if there was a simpler extension (like what mihai posted below)

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Sorry, didn’t see you mentioned it before…