4K display or 30” Cinema Display?

Hello again Thankyou for replying to my previous question …
I have just purchased a new MacBook Pro 15” fully loaded !..to replace my old one which I used to use with apples 30” Cinema Display ! Unfortunately the new MacBook Pro only has thunderbolt and no mini display connector so at the moment I cannot connect to the Cinema Display I can purchase a stone henge hub which will get the Cinema Display working again as it has a mini display connector to work with the new MacBook all this will cost around £200.00 !.. or do I bite the bullet and purchase something like a benq PD3220U 4K display to replace the apple Cinema Display which runs at 2560 x 1600 obvously a lot lower res than current 4K displays but a good resolution all the same and a great display …what would you do ? and current thoughts on using 4K displays and sketch up most appreciated? Benq also make a 27” Thunderbolt Display maybe a better choice than 31.5 ? Anyway any users advice most appreciated…thanks James

Luxury problems are always the hardest :slight_smile:
Don’t get rid of the cinema display, I would say, they are rare and wanted.
I would go for a hyper drive hub and a hdmi to minidisplay cable or adapter <€ 100 in total before looking for a new monitor.

Thanks have you used that setup ? I was thinking of a henge dock which charges my MacBook too …will look up your hub .

We use 42" 4k samsung tvs here… full A1 sheet size and HDMI 1.4 capability $450 usd in Vietnam

No, but I read this: Replacing laptop with iPad Pro, 6 months in

I don’t think that will work in a laptop, it’s specifically for the iPad. It has a tiny lip to keep it secure on the device and I think the laptop isn’t the same dimension as the iPad.

However USBC to Mini Display adapter is only $50 at most I’m not sure why @Tazio you need to find a fancy dock unless that’s what you need. In work I’ve even got a USBC to VGA so I can use an older Cintiq 24 HD. It cost about $20

Cables are cheap, docks less so.


No the stone henge hub is actually for the MacBook Pro and has a mini display port built in … unfortunately the apple Cinema Display being dvi to mini display port adapted requires more than just a standard adapter …there is only one adapter which will work with this screen , that’s why I and the other contributor suggested a hub !.

What’s wrong with something like this ?

Sorry that’s the wrong screenshot, but the USBC and thunderbolt adapters are the same price.

I have the same setup you are looking at in work (usbC to DVI) using this cable, only $15.

Also there is a hyperdrive for Mac I Was wrong @MikeWayzovski

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Rather than keep trying to explain just look up on the net connection to 30” Cinema Display from new thunderbolt MacBook Pro …l have used Mac since 96 and a lot more knowledgeable people have struggled to get old cinema displays to work with the current MacBook Pro line up ! Macworld wrote a good piece on the problem … also the MacBook Pro only now supports thunderbolt 3 hence why a hub is a good idea . Thanks for all the imput !.