[3DTextTool] Boxes for TEXT Height is marked wrong!

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The box for Height of letters is marked wrong that box should be the length of the word and second box is for letter height . . as I put in 4 in first box and the letters were stretched out and really long . .

plz attach the file to know more

They are not marked wrong. the first box is marked as Height which represents the distance from the baseline of the glyph to the Cap Height line. The second box is for the extrusion thickness.

The length of the text is going to be determined by the proportions of height to width for the font and the number of characters.


My brain came to a total standstill when reading this thread - I didn’t figure, as Dave did, that it was to do with the 3D text tool.

Okay will attach screen shots with next answer to show the problem . .

My brain experienced some momentary fizzling when reading this last response. Shouldn’t that be “next question?”


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Humm I have the pictures of what I was talking about

This shows the lettering as it comes out as ( supposed to be 1.7 mm tall and 9 mm long ) right ! . . Well something is wrong in dodge . . As you see the height is not just 1.9 mm tall and only 9 mm long . . had to zoom to get the Letters to be seen
Reverse the numbers and you get this

the length of the Text will be governed by what you type. i.e. x is shorter in length than xxxx

the Height of each letter is adjustable i.e. x is shorter in height than X

Extruded is the thickness you want all of your Text to be… i.e. it’s the same as if you used ‘Push/Pull Tool’ on a face…


I never used the push pull on letters as I want them all same size . . If i had just used the Enter Text the picture would be a major bunch smaller and I would have to have Zoomed a gob to see the letters . . as it would have been a dot on the screen . .