Bug / Error Notification Loop - Sketchup for Web, 3d Text, Height

Accidentally set the HEIGHT for 3d text to 0" (Meant to set the EXTRUSION to 0" for flat text) and received an error message saying something along the lines of, “Cannot assign the selected text.” The error dialogue began to loop, when pressing OK, it would not allow me back into the 3d text dialog to fix my mistaken entry, as if repeatedly detecting the impossible dimension and repeating the error message. I think only coincidental that, “Permanent Marker,” was the selected font. Nice to have that option.

I’m sure something like an AJAX method next to the Height value could indicate 0" as invalid, prior to pressing OK, and the Height Value form could require an actual positive value, perhaps default to .1", or something like that.

As always, great to still have the web version for running thru quick ideas. Just working on a DIY idea, so not really a need at the moment to buy the Pro Version, although I would definitely enjoy having it. I’m sure the autosave will be available.


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