Oversized 3D Text

Hello all,

I’m using Sketchup 2016 Pro, on a Imac machine. Yosemite 10.10.5
When I create 3D Text, this one allways has a height of 1,14 meter ! Sometimes more, never less !!
I have to change size every time i’m using 3D text because 1,14 m height is a little bit too much.
Is there a way to change this size definitively ?

Thank you

Does the Mac version not have a dialog box, in which you can specify the height and extrusion?
My experience is that it simply remembers the last setting.

Thank’s for your answer,

It was my experience also, with Sketchup 8.

Yes I have a dialog box.
No the latest value is not saved.

It may be your system, François. I just installed a new maintenance release of SU and it still remembered the previous text size from before the upgraded. I then changed the default and it remembered that also. The program itself appears to be functioning normally…at least on my Windows machine.

Thank’s again,
SU tell me there is no newer release that the one installed.
Is there a place to find “partial” update ?


Not unless you are “special”. :wink:

I also see a BUG with 3d Text Extrusion heights… [ @bugra, @Barry ]

In a Metres Template, if I place multiple texts, without changing the height, each attempt will be have a new, different ‘default’ height…

The first always seems to be a conversion to inches, but then I see no pattern for the conversions…


Hello John, thank you,

I 've got news. I also tried with millimeters and meters models.
Not the same values, but the same problem.

If I let SU put the first 3D text with the default value (meters model). It is 1,18 or 46,46 m.
Then I always have the same sequence ::
1,18 m
46,46 m
0,03 m (which is the value i’m using)

If i put 0,05, i will have : 1,97, then 77,56, then 0,08 and other new values (big)

Hard to find something logical.

Yup. Bug filed.

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Fixed in the 16.1.2418 release.