3Dconnexion Space Mouse not working in 2020

My Space mouse works fine in 2018 and 2019 but not in 2020. Any pointers anyone?

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Please fill in your profile so it is possible to answer questions relative to your setup.


Thanks @Box. Continuing conversation in the referenced thread.

Same with me. I’m running the latest Mojave OS (not Catalina). Got my license today. Installed the 2020 Sketchup Pro for Mac, no (repeat NO) other extensions loaded save for what comes with the installer. Entered license. Opened a new file. Clicked on the woman. Tried moving around with 3Dconnextion SpaceNavigator mouse…NOTHING!

Went to 3Dconnexion site and downloaded latest driver (for what that’s worth since I was up-to-date according to the System Preference), installed, restarted iMac 5k 2019 with 64 GB RAM and AMD Radeon Pro Vega 48 8 GB graphics card, opened Sketchup Pro for Mac 2020, selected the woman, tested (tried) moving again…NOTHING!

Broken out of the box!

Loving less and less my annual license for Sketchup Pro since 2018!

Since you have addressed this at me I will make the comment that it is not Sketchup that is broken, it has updated, and 3D Connexion have yet to update their driver to install for 2020.

Did you look at the thread I linked.

yes, went over there after posting here. sorry for that. but when the driver works for SU Pro 2019 and 2018 but not 2020, how am I to deduce that it is 3Dconnexion and not the latest SU Pro 2020?

it was the same going from 2017 to 2018 to 2019 …

You can get the same issues with renderers Twilight may not have updated to work with 2020, is that the fault of Sketchup?

Perhaps. Why do they not sync (better than the obvious state we are in) with key extension developers so everyone can release updates nearly at the same time rather than having key extension developers get blamed for not having updates for a while after the release. I don’t know, just seems like good business practice to me to partner with others who make your software better/easier/nicer/more profitable for the end user.

This question has been asked before and the answer in many cases is the developers are informed but don’t see it as a priority.
Other developers release updates the same day or very soon after.
Trimble have no control over what other developers see as important.
Sketchup is a minor player in the 3d Connexion market.

And Mac is an even smaller player it seems. 3D Connexion has a terrible track record of long delays in updating their drivers for any change on Mac.


No update on software yet ???

You can check their release notes here: https://www.3dconnexion.com/service/drivers.html

Every year they seem to get updates out about 4-6 weeks or so after a SketchUp version release. I expect they have to do the same for other applications as well.

They released version 10.6.5 on Feb 7 for Windows. No update yet for Mac. The release notes don’t say whether it covers SketchUp 2020.

Since they don’t explicitly say SU2020 is supported, I guessed it isn’t supported in that release.

Didn’t check, but what are the benefits of the new windows release? Bug fixes? Or use enhancement?
If they are only about bug fixes, then maybe there is none on the mac?

However, I wish that both companies come together to create a more ( smooth ) integration in SU and LAYOUT.

From the release notes:

2.1 Release of February 7, 2020

• Update 3DxWare 10 to version 10.6.5.

• New: Add support for Siemens PLM NX 1899 Series.

• New: Official support for Autodesk Maya version 2020.

• Note: Stability improvements to the driver and the plug-in software for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya.

Oooooh, nothing important. :wink:

Thank you.

After installing SketchUp 2020 I upgraded the 3DxWare to the then latest version from December. After that my Space Navigator started working with SketchUp 2020, but opening LayOut 2020 crashed the driver. Installing the latest update fixed the crashing.

I hope people coming to this thread are smart enough to read the other thread that tells you how to copy the drivers over.