3D wood grain texture for 3D print

hello… as the title above, actually I want to 3D print wooden beer barrel (curve shape) and I want it printed in detail. I mean, the curve surface have detail wood grain. My question is, how to create detail wood grain in sketchup?

If you want the texture in the model, you’d have to have it as line work and it would make your model very complex. My instinct would be to import vector artwork and use it to push a wood grain into your surfaces. Not really a simple thing at the end of the day, especially for curved surfaces.

Is there a reason you don’t just download a high poly barrel model that already exists? There are several online that you convert to a SU-friendly format and edit as needed for printing.

If you want as much detail as wood grain then SketchUp is not the best format to go to that level of detail, as Eric says it better to get one already made and print directly from .stl or another format rather than converting it into SketchUp.