Texture or finish

Using SKetchUp 16 Pro

I need to get a product to look like it is made of Oak (American White or even just wood)

You can apply a wood grain texture with the Paint Bucket tool. There are a few wood grain materials included with SketchUp. You can make your own textures from images of wood, too. I personally prefer to make my own from images of full length boards. There are other sources for wood grain textures although I find the ones advertised as seamless are least realistic.


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Hi thanks for the links and info. On SketchUp 16 I cannot see how to get my selected and saved image into my pallet

Two ways.

  1. File>Import, select the file type and Use image as texture. Select the texture and apply it to a face in the model.

B. In the Materials panel click on Create Material… in the upper right corner.

Click on the folder icon to the right of the long white bar. Then select the texture. Click Open and set the texture size before clicking OK.

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Driving me nuts as usual!! I get the create material but no form or icon to locate file. I am using SK 16. I just get the create material form nothing else

Did you…

Or you could just use the first method I outlined.

No I didn’t. Easy when you know eh?

Thank you