3D Warehouse Search Inconsistencies

In a Chrome browser window I type:

International Masonary Institute

International Masonry Institute | 3D Warehouse

I get pages and pages of models:

In SU and select 3D Warehouse, I get no models:

Why the difference? Thanks for your help.

There is a typing error “masonary” in your second search.

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You are absolutely correct and I had high hopes that the problem would be so simple. However when I correct the spelling, the results are still quite different. No models from the institute shown. These are from private individuals.

I don’t know about the workings of the search algorithm, but you searched for “national…” instead of “international…”
This is what I got with “international…” in the SketchUp internal browser:


Having one of “those” kind of days. Thanks for being patient. :confounded:

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