3D warehouse "Request Invalid" error message



I am completely new to SketchUp and am trying to access files in the 3D warehouse. I keep getting the error message “This is an invalid request” for anything I try to download. I am currently using SketchUp Make with a 30 Pro trial. Should I be able to access the 3D warehouse with this version? If so, wondering what the issue may be. Thanks.


Have you registered and then always sign-in? I had the same issue until I performed these. Might not solve it but I hope so. However be VERY wary of Warehouse models.


You shouldn’t have to sign in to download. SketchUp 2015? Mac or PC? Try going to 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com in IE or Safari (Mac or PC) and download something. Also, try Window->Components, and click on the icon of what you want to download, then move over your model.


I’ve wiped out my computer (for a number of reasons) and reloaded everything and it’s working fine now. Thanks for the replies.