Trouble Downloading Models - "Invalid Request"

I have just today encountered an “Invalid Request” notification when I try to download a model of an entry door from the warehouse. Yesterday, it was fine…Today, not so much.
Anyone know what is happening? Some items from the same page (same modeler) can be downloaded… some not.

Send a link either here or privately to me and I’ll take a look. What version SketchUp, Mac or PC, browser version, etc… would be helpful, too. Thanks.

Hi Bary,
SU2013, PC windows 7
If you would go to the warehouse and search for “entry door keninme” and then try to download a door with the frame.

I just downloaded Entry Door 80"x36", 4 Panels, 4 Lite W/ Frame & Hardware (Door Knob & Deadbolt), SU2013, Win7, and it worked… hmm…

Must be something on my end. I just tried and got “this request is invalid” It has happened several times today on other collections. thanks

Can you download any models? How about in a browser? On PC, upgrade your IE to 11 if you can. It can’t hurt and black hats wont pay so much attention to you.

I have been downloading kitchen cabinets, refrigerators and stoves all morning. Only a couple of times with the doors and a few windows did it get the “invalid” message.

Was able to download the required door directly with the browser then I pasted into my file.