3D warehouse not working 100%

Why is my 3d warehose downloads not working ?
i can download the item into my drawing but i cant modify the size/detils of any item because it times out ?
it has always worked fine except for last few weeks ??

uh, could you give us a link to the object in question ?

it could be a live or dynamic component, and these comes with restrictions to the scale tool (unless you explore / recompose them)

here is a screenshot of what happens when i try to configure a component from 3D warehouse

yep, it’s a live component. they are kinda new, to modify them you double click and the preference panel opens.

now in your case, it won’t work, time out, and that’s an issue in itself. maybe server trouble ? I think @TheGuz is mister warehouse, he might know more about your timeout.

but if you want the component to act like a “normal” component, there is a simple trick, right click on it, and detach definition. it will become an old boring component.

Capture d’écran 2023-04-12 à 21.25.37

and just in case, if you’re ever in a situation where you can’t detach, or it won’t work, you can simply explode, and re-compose. it’s dirty, but it does the job.