3D warehouse NOT working at all

As I try to search for a component on the net in the SU window, the rainbow wheel starts turning and nothing happens. SU stops responding and I have to force quitting.
If I try to open the Warehouse window, everything became grey and the rainbow wheel starts turning.

Is it better to DOWNGRADE to an earlier version?
Or is the patch almost ready?


There is an issue with the Warehouse at the moment. It is being worked on.

There are already multiple threads on this from today.

There is an older thread from today reporting problems with the warehouse. I understand the team is looking into it.

Hello, I have the same issue. It shows up like this image

Is there a status page where I can keep up with when it is available again. I have a lab full of design students chomping at the bit.

they could ‘design’ something while they wait…



3DWH just came back online for me.

Sorry, I am just the tech. I just get the complaints and resolve the problems. Still working on the PhD.