3d Warehouse Korean spam: hundreds of the same models of the same building

Under the Architecture category, there’s literally hundreds of models of the same building (a church), from the same perspective, all with titles and descriptions in Korean, from three different users (two of which have nonsense keybash usernames). I entered the descriptions into Google Translate, and got this, repeated over and over …

[name of city]business trip shop-katok skpc▷▷ [name of city]call girl shop [name of city] business trip shop price [name of city] business trip massage [name of city] business trip massage [name of city] business trip lady [name of city] motel business trip [name of city] Pay meeting Namhae business trip meeting

I know the folks at the 3D warehouse are reluctant to delete models of limited value, like lines, boxes, just the Rosie 2d model, and so on, but maybe they can make an exception for the Korean spam.


And the spam keeps on coming. The same church model, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over …

AFAIC, this kind of spam flooding makes the 3D Warehouse useless. Can’t find any new models if I have to scroll through hundreds or thousands of models of the same church.

12 Sep 2020 - still at it…

Someone caught the models that were uploaded (and being uploaded) just a little while ago (12 Sep) – THANKS! :wink: :+1:t2: But there are still over 1600 of these models remaining that were uploaded between 08 and 10 September.

18 more uploads had been made since the above was posted. Those too were caught and deleted. But as of this afternoon the other 1600+ are still in the Warehouse. Hopefully TPTB will finish the clean-up?

When all the brouhaha broke out about charging for downloads that exceed a certain amount, in another thread, a Poster suggested a captcha type system to inhibit massive downloads. My first thought was, that would be great for users who dump massive numbers of models into the Warehouse at one time. Seems a captcha controlled process for uploading to the Warehouse would surely put a stop to that - I would think it would have stopped this particular event from progressing to the point that it had.

UPDATE - 08 Nov
Looks like this spammer has started up again… 47 of them were uploaded today. 453 yesterday! There are some dated for the day before…but I stopped counting after 2 days worth of uploads.

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