Empty Uploads

A few days ago I noticed that a category now appears below a Warehouser’s model description and tags list. I then started spotting uploads to the 3DWH that, for all intents and purposes, appears to be nothing but spam (maybe it looks that way to me because I am a Forum Moderator - I dunno).

What is the purpose of these [recent?] uploads to the 3DWH:

  1. they do not appear to be any kind of school/class project
  2. usually contain only a 2D person (most male and dressed the same)
  3. occasionally the 2D person will be standing by or inside an empty box
  4. these “models” have various titles (possible indicator that it’s not a class project) and are occasionally in different languages
  5. rarely have any description or tags
  6. are sometimes mis-categorized by the system even when there is a description or tag
  7. most of these “models” were created in the online free SU
  8. the upload date (or “modified” date, today) and the join date of the owner of the “model” are often the same (the uploads are not all the same date)
  9. all are under 300kb
  10. one actually has nothing in the “model” at all - not even a 2D person

If there is now a process in play that assigns a category and sometimes also a subcategory to models that are uploaded, how can a model be categorized if there is no description or tags, and the system obviously does not consider the title in determining a category?

Why are these spammy-looking uploads being allowed?

Model categories is a new warehouse feature.

The models in question from SU online - likely kids experimenting.

Not sure on 3DW filters.

if they don’t have a ‘SU for Schools’ or ‘SU Free’ watermark, than they are from paying ‘SU Shop’ customers…

they may simply be testing the built in ‘feature’…


Are the “In Model” components and materials collections all empty too?

What is the purpose of these [recent?] uploads to the 3DWH?

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As a forum moderator, I let moderators know this before we made this public. Please read that as well.

And regarding the quality of a model: I have no idea what a teacher may ask a student to upload. What I’ve always argued with 3D Warehouse is that we don’t need to surface these models (search, wrong categories, etc…) but if a teacher tells kids to upload what you have, or someone has different tastes than mine, that should be OK. But I should also find it easy to ignore models like that. If that’s not the case, let me know what categories are wrong or off. It’s only spam if I get presented it without asking for it.