3D warehouse downloads as photoshop file

I’m trying to download a 3D file. It gives me the option to download it as a Sketchup file but it tries to open it in Photoshop. Photoshop will not open because of "unrecognized file type. It does not open directly into Sketchup.
I can’t seem to find a way to save the file ether.

Sounds like you have your file system set to open .skp files as Photoshop.
Change the file association to Sketchup.

Can you walk me through that?
Thanks for your help.

It would help to know what your operating system is, this is why the profile questions are there.
Windows what?

Here’s something strange I was able to import/open this Wright Flyer 3d model into Sketchup. Looks great.

But every other file/model iv’e tried to import try’s to open it in photoshop.
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Thanks I’ll give it a go

Quite easy to find via a web search …

On Windows 10 you can easily just right-click any SKP file, and choose "Open with…" then change the app that opens that file type.

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Forgive me for trying to help while you are busy doing something else.


Box? I don’t understand… Just trying to work through this.
Windows 10 is what I’m running.

Dan got you sorted.

Thanks very much.

If you fill in your profile fully, including the specific OS and Graphic card it will be easier to answer your questions in future.