3D Warehouse download from external web browser into model stopped working


Last week I could grab the download link in 3D Warehouse and drag it into SketchUp. This was my primary way top use the warehouse because the external web browser has tabs, history, bookmarks etc in a way that the built in one will never have. Also it can be kept open when modeling without obstructing the view of the model.

Today when trying this SketchUp only showed me the disabled cursor when trying to drop the link on it.

Has anything changed in the warehouse or could it be an update to windows that has broken this functionality?

I’m currently using SketchUp 2016 on Win 10.


I can confirm this in Opera, so probably a change in 3D Warehouse.

The download links still have a href (no javascript links), but when I try to start a drag action, it just selects the text. Maybe drag&drop was disabled or cancelled somwhere at a higher level of the page, and then unintentionally broke these links?


I can drag and drop to my desktop but then it creates a link. I don’t know if it used to download the file because I’ve never tried before.

I run Firefox btw,


I believe most browsers transfer the link’s target address as dragged data, and the receiving application (file manager) turns it into a link file.

It seems Opera does not allow dragging links (anymore), while I still can do so in Firefox, so my confirmation is invalid. I thought browsers resembled more in their behavior.


Yea, I can’t repro it, but we’re wondering if you somehow had a plugin? On Mac, if I drag into the ruby console, it gives me the link to get to the model, so if I had a plugin or did some ruby code (maybe like http://ruby.sketchup.com/Sketchup/DefinitionList.html#load_from_url-instance_method perhaps?), I could probably load it.

But yes, our other takeaway from this question is that we need to do a better job of allowing you to go back with bookmarks and history etc… to allow you to return easier to things you like. That’s certainly on the drawing board.


My plugins haven’t changed since last week. Also I don’t know if there is any way to use the API to detect content being dropped at the SU window. If there is I’ve never heard of it.

If you refer to the internal 3D Warehouse browser of SketchUp I don’t think that would be necessary. Why reinvent the wheel? “Real” web browser already do all this and can be customized to everyone’s liking. Instead of trying to add more functionality to the built in browser I think it’s better to work on the compatibility between SketchUp and external web browsers, as well as the OS itself.

For instance it would be very useful and sketchuppy if dropping a texture file would add it to the model and activate Paint Tool, if dropping a style file would load and apply it, and if dropping an RBZ file or a download link from Extension Warehouse would ask if you want to install it.


Any news on this? For me this is a quite large setback that affects my daily work. Having to download files to the download folder and then drag them into SU from there takes more time and distracts me from the work I’m trying to do so I’d very much get the old behavior back.


Hi @Aneroth3

I’m a beginner so excuse me if I tell you something you already know.

According to the previous comments It seems 3D Warehouse has a different behavior. What I can tell you is a workaround that maybe helps,

I think one of your best options is setting a default folder for your downloads, for example in Google Chrome and then, drag the icon of the file downloaded directly to your Sketchup.

I think some browsers lets you configure different profiles (I know firefox do), and with different profiles you probably can configure one of them not to ask where you download a file.

I wish I could help.


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