3D Warehouse Cut Components

Is there a way to determine if a component has been designed as a cut component before downloading?

Probably only if the author adds that to the description.

Thanks Dave. Also does not appear that a keyword search (other than the title) is possible in the 3D Warehouse.

If downloaded, can one “explode” command get to the raw geometry? Some of the examples contain multiple nested groups/components.

You could do a search for ‘hole cutting’. I did and got 77 hits including at least some of John’s pocket hole components.

You can explode components you’ve imported from the 3D Warehouse to get to raw geometry or do whatever you need to do to make it usable. When using components from the 3D Warehouse it’s always a good idea to download them into a separate file so you can check them out, clean them up or make any needed modifications before adding them to your model.

Somewhere, I think, it was mentioned as a “best practice” to download the component file and then use file>import instead of a direct load into the model. That is what you are suggesting, right?

I still cannot modify a 3DW component to make it a cut component. I can create a simple door/window component and add the cut option. I am thinking maybe hidden geometry is the issue.

Yes. Or even copy and paste between SketchUp files. If you plan to use it right after you’ve fixed it, you could just copy it into your main model.

I don’t know what’s getting in the way. What component are you trying to modify?

FWIW, I have found too often I have to invest more time and effort into repairing components made by others than I’d spend making my own from scratch. It’s good practice to learn how to make your own to make them clean and usable.

The cutting & gluing plane is the XY ground plane within the component.
So if the door component was not drawn lying down, you’d need to rotate the entities within it so they are flat on (or in) the cutting plane. Then when saving, be sure to check “Cuts opening” and set the “Glue to” plane (which is usually Vertical for doors and windows.)

I agree, been starting with a work file where I load components, experiment, try out new ideas, etc. Then copy/paste anything that met expectations into a “keeper” version.

I am stuck on “sinks and islands” for a kitchen remodel. Started simple with just the sink and a cutting plane (single surface).

I have found numerous descriptions and tried many, but I must be missing a key step somewhere.

Upload the .skp file with the sink and cutting plane.

As requested …

cut-model.skp (4.7 MB)

Way too much nesting and as uploaded, the component’s axes aren’t located correctly.

I exploded several nesting levels. Compare Outliner in mine and yours.
Screenshot - 2_5_2020 , 6_26_02 PM

Then with the sink selected in the Components panel, go to the Edit tab. Set the gluing plane and tick Cut opening.
Screenshot - 2_5_2020 , 6_24_41 PM

Right click on the component, choose Change axes. Set the origin, then the red and finally the green. I used the middle of the front edge of the sink for the origin and set the red along the front edge where it should sit on the counter.

After all that, the sink cuts the openings as expected.

Save the sink into a local collection. Open the secondary pane of the Components panel. (button immediately below the X in the top right corner. Set the bottom pane to your local collection. The top one should already be set to In Model. Drag the thumbnail from In Model to the bottom panel.


Not sure why my outliner is different. This after two explodes.

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 5.46.25 PM

Looks like you exploded a little too much and not enough. I exploded the component immediately inside ‘PRC2-PR Sinks…’ and I exploded ‘Plane003’

Yep, feel like a blind person, walking in a mine field. :sunglasses:

Need to take a break. Will get back to it later tonight.

Thanks for your help, will report back.

Got it, big thank you.

But, my worst fear is realized. While I can solve this particular component, with you holding my hand. Other 3DW models will be different and require a different approach, right?

Good work.

Maybe. It depends mostly on how they are built and what the author did to them as far as nesting. Unfortunately I often see excessive and illogical nesting in components I see from the Warehouse but it’s is extremely variable.

This is what I see. Do you mean “My Collections”?

It could be’My Collections’ or I would make a Sinks collections. Open the secondary pane in the Components panel. In the secondary pane, click on the black arrow button to the right of the drop down list in the Components panel. Choose Open or Create a Local Collection. Create a new folder if needed (probably will be if you don’t already have a Sinks folder) Once you have that folder created and you are back at the Components panel, the bottom one should show be set to the new collection and if you just created the folder, it’ll be empty. Drag and drop the sink thumbnail from In Model to the bottom pane.

Ok, now I have a new folder, “Sinks”, and it contains the new modified sink. I am guessing that when I open a new SU file this component will be available in my local collections, right?

Yes. You should see sinks in the drop down. If you want to make sure, add it to your Favorites. Click on that arrow button in the Sinks pane and choose Add to Favorites.