3D text tool crashes Sketchup

Not sure exactly when this started happening but every time I try to use the 3D text tool, it crashes my Sketchup Pro. The simple click on the tools sends the program into spinning wheel of death. I’ve tried advice from previous threads on the forum and have reset my Sketchup preferences and have performed First Aid on my Mac. Same results. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks

Yes I am having this problem


FWIW, you are commenting on a 4 year old question…

Your profile lists mutually incompatible things:
SketchUp Pro doesn’t run on an iPad. If you are running SketchUp on iPad, you should post in the appropriate category.
If you are using a Mac or a PC my guess would be incorrect installation (for instance, running Sketchup from the downloaded disk image on a Mac) or a corrupt font file. Don’t have an iPad so I don’t know about that platform.

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And to add to that, without a graphics card you would only see a black screen on your iPad…

Actually, it is impossible to purchase an iPad without built-in graphics, so you probably wouldn’t see the iPad either :wink:

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