3D text rounding faces

Hello experts, i need help about something strange for me.
I want to make round face for my extruded 3d text.
Here is my font(has to be that font)

I want to make that faces like this, and i will make that 3d machining on cnc machine.

But i’m not sure how can i make this in sketchup.

I tried it with some cadcam softwares.
For example this is artcam software, and its result;

This is wrong result. There is overlaps and this looks terrible.

With sketchup or not, i need advise about to make rounding faces. Thank you.

What would you expect when different parts of the letters are different widths?

A half round on top of a wide stroke will be higher than a half round on top of of a narrow stroke.

If a curved stroke has variable width what should that look like when rounded on top?

And when there is a serif, what shape would you expect it to take?

One could make every profile half round and the width of the underlying stroke, then align all the tops of the half rounds at the same z-height.

How else might you want it to look?

John makes a good point. In your “HELP” example the strokes all have the same width so it’s possible to round them all with the same radius. In your “AVRS” example stroke widths vary greatly. What are you expecting? The same radius on all the edges? Or varying radii depending on stroke width? The latter will be more involved to model in any application. It will also be more involved to cut with a CNC machine.

How large are the letters to be and what will the real ones be cut from?

hello Mr John and Daver, thanks for your comments. You are totally right. Of course i’m not expecting that all places will be same round. I just thought, if there is way to make wide strokes will be wide, short strokes will be short round.

i’m sorry if i’m not clear to explain my request.

It’s certainly possible in principle.

Can you upload your sample text as a SU model, and I’ll have a doodle later today on my computer (on phone at the moment).

Is this something you need to do only once?

Or frequently but for different text and/or different fonts?

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This is one time job, but i’m sure we will get new order something like this in the future. So if i know the way, next time i dont waste your or someone’s time :slight_smile:

Here it is my file
avrs.skp (625.4 KB)

Thank you Mr John

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

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2020 version. i also updated my profile. thank you

Well, I’ve had a go at rounding the top of the A letter. It’s taken over an hour, and I’m not very happy with the result.

I used pushpull to create half cylinders as components above each straight stroke of the A, extending them beyond the letter’s edges. Then moved the smaller ones up so all were level at the top. Exploded them all, used Intersect Faces with context, and (after a bit of fiddling to separate surfaces) trimmed off the surplus.

I think it is partially at least because the effect you want can’t be defined or constructed exactly, especially at the internal corners of the serif.

Here’s where I’ve got to.
avrs - A rounded.skp (887.8 KB)

Where the stroke width of the left side of the A (almost) matches the height of the serif, I’ve used FollowMe using the outer edges of the straight A stroke and the curve that bridges to the serif as the path and a semicircle as the profile.

That leaves a dimple on the upper face at the join. You could flatten that by drawing round its edges.

The outer right hand serif (left in the upside-side down image) was constructed using Curviloft/Skin Contours. The Curviloft surface actually dives inside the half-cylinder round across the bottom of the serif. I created the edges for Curviloft using two rectangular faces to intersect the half-cylinder.

I haven’t worked out how to do the left hand side of the right hand serif. Curviloft bulges out over the bottom.

It’s possible that you could use the Soap Skin and Bubble plugin just to inflate the top surface of each letter, which would just round the tops, but not necessarily to a half cylinder.

I’ve tried it, and it sort-of-works, but the results are a very lumpy unless one uses a high level of subdivision. And when I tried that, I got an indefinite ‘Wait’ cursor. I left it while I made a coffee, and it hadn’t finished even by the time I’d drunk it.

Tried again, this time rotating the V so the grid was parallel to the wider side, using divisions = 20 and pressure 4000.

When I tried again increasing divisions to 30, the extension triggered the Wait cursor again. And as previously, I had to force quit SU.

Your patience may be greater than mine, or you may choose better parameters.

Sorry I can’t help more.

Fredo6’s RoundCorner plugin:

thanks for your all helps. I understand all points. I was knew that will be interesting request. I’ll try your suggestions. Thank you so much to you and Mr Anssi