3D Text / Font dialog not working


All fonts on your operating system should be available to SketchUp. Do your other programs have fonts? I’d suggest installing more fonts, but it sounds like you’re having a more serious issue with your actual computer (rather than the program). If it’s your computer’s malfunction, then I’d recommend backing up your files (and triple check that you didn’t forget anything), then factory resetting your computer (or whatever it’s called).


Yes all fonts should be available, and they are in every app. As a
professional designer type is a huge part of my job. It’s apparently an
accepted issue that sketchup pro 2015 font doesn’t work in sierra. It’s not
my fault, it’s that the software is no longer supported or updated to
address issues. Upgrading is the only solution to bringing this
functionality back. Oh well.


There are no issues with my computer at all by the way. Not even minor, and
certainly not serious as you imply.


Another point, not yet mentioned ?
3d Text only lists TTF fonts, OTF fonts are not supported - and these are more common on MACs…

What font types do you have available ?

All TTF fonts should be available ??


@TIG, both types work on mac…



But not on PC ?


Thanks. I have all types of fonts, and I use them daily in Adobe products.
That’s not the issue. The issue is that the font dialog box is non
functional in SketchUp and SketchUp alone as a result of my updated
operating system. Yes I am on a Mac running the current OS, and my version
of SketchUp isn’t compatible fully with it in this regard.


Quite a post for someone who “Joined 33 mins ago”. You think my job is replying to the forums? Hahaha…

I gave the person a solution (upgrade), a workaround (patch using defaults write… yea, find someone on the forums who has THOSE chops), and a setting of expectations because I presume most people here haven’t written software and don’t understand about matching up our dylibs with dylibs in the future which haven’t been written yet from Microsoft or Apple OS’s.


You’ve garnered all that in 35 minutes? I will continue to provide tech help in my spare time because frankly, I’ve watched over the years what a difference it’s made to help products. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion and welcome to kneel every time I post… but I’m still posting.


Since you’re new, you should probably know that items like this get flagged for off-topic. If you’d like to discuss your expertise in psychology, you should probably take it elsewhere.

The general gist of this thread is that software that’s released for an OS then breaks for a newer OS has issues, and how to deal with those issues.


Just an idea;

  1. Download the free version of SketchUp 18,
  2. Use it to generate the 3D text you desire,
  3. Use “Save As” and “Save As Type:” to save the text as a SketchUp 2015 file,
  4. Open the project you were looking to add 3D text to in SketchUp 2015 and
  5. import the file with the 3D text into your project.

Its a bit longwinded but you don’t have to fight with your IT department or pinch the Boss’s CC to get it done…
I hope this helps.


What free version of SketchUp 2018? The only version of SketchUp 2018 is Pro.


Ok, looks like I jumped the gun there a little…
Ive been out of the sketchup loop for a few years and the reason I posted the above idea is because I’m in a similar boat, no fonts in the font book! So my plan was to A,B and C as above but now I see that SketchUp has changed its business model. Is there a way to use the browser version of SketchUp in a similar fashion to what I proposed? Just spit-balling here…


You can still download the 2017 version of SU Make. Which doesn’t cost anything, and runs on the desktop in Windows or Mac.

From www.sketchup.com/download/all


Brilliant, Ive installed 2017 and the text works fine! I’ve jumped through the above hoops and everything works!! It’s not the simplest solution but it should do until i can afford an upgrade.


Remember that both SU Free and SU Make are licensed only for noncommercial use.


Using a specific function from a free version of the program to import data into a licensed version of the same program (albeit an older version) that has the same functionality except broken… Yep, I’m a criminal.


Considering he’s paid for the Pro version, I think anyone would agree that
would be considered 100% legal.


I don’t…

SU v15 isn’t broken on the OS versions it was designed for…

to be 100% legal the user has legal options…

  • upgrade SU
  • downgrade the OS…
  • draw their own text…
  • import vectors

are a few



I didn’t say SU 15 was broken, just that one piece of functionality is
broken, which is ONLY fixed with a very very expensive software upgrade, or
a downgrade to the main OS, both of which are incredibly impractical. The
workaround here allows the INTENDED functionality to be reinstated, and the
licenses are still valid. Your opinion on whether you agree is cute, but
changes nothing about mine. :slight_smile: