3D TEXT editing and duplicating

I produce renderings of mausoleums that require name, dates, etc. Is there a way to retain the size, color , etc. of more than one of these. It was suggested I install the text editor plugin which I did but it won’t show in the extensions pull down… Even though it is in my extensions manager and I have restarted my Mac.
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Are you referring to the 3D Text Editor plugin by ThomThom? If so, it’s not supposed to show in the Extensions menu. It’s set up to show in the Draw menu. It also requires TT_Lib2.

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thanks Dave!!!

unfortunately, the program performs poorly on my Mac Monterrey.

What do you mean exactly?

Any SketchUp 3D text has its limitations

  • long texts add a lot of 3D geometry to the model
  • using fonts with intricate outlines at small sizes exposes the result to SketchUp’s small face limitations
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Another approach you might try is the FlatText plugin. Based on the vector fonts used in legacy CAD systems, it makes vector text that has far fewer edges than 3D text.
The available fonts are limited, though you can always make your own custom fonts if you need to.

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