Thin Fonts for editable 3D Text

has anyone found a fairly thin font on the list of fonts for ThomToms text extension. Fonts meant for text-pages easily gets muddy in a drawing, when their outline is added, as in my illustration.

Is there a way to add fonts to the list?

ThomThom’s Editable 3D Text extension uses your system fonts just like the native 3D Text tool does. Add fonts like you would any other fonts.

right. Ill go ahead and teach myself how to add fonts… Thanks

Unless Apple has changed things of late …… Download your font from the web. Double click on the font file and you’ll get a window prompting you to install it. Easy as pie !

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I found Open Sans light. It looks good and is thin. I had to right-click on the file and open it in the Font app.


Try flatext plugin. It uses vector fonts similar to old acad shx fonts.It does a lot and more than tt´s plugin, and creates groups insteadof componnents, which is very useful when copying text groups.

I have that plugin. I agree that groups are more fitted. And it sure has slim and low-poly text. Kind of the other extreme end of the scale :slight_smile:

Good for very small text, But I found I replaced larger text in Layout cause it was too simple.

Most text I keep in Layout anyway, but some text that are vital to understanding the drawing I keep in sketchup.

FWIW, if you are using Editable 3D Text, you can copy a text component, make it unique, and then edit the copy as needed.