3D Text as 2D Text unusable

Trying to use 3D text to place 2D labels on a drawing. Regardless of checking “filled” or not I get a hollow, jagged facsimile of text rotated by 90 degrees. For example, I type in a 2 character label, hit place and move it near the position on its side, use the rotate tool to set it straight, the move tool to put it where I wanted it to begin with and get an unusable, hollow, waste of time.

I’m Mac OSX Yosemite

Post the skp file. Maybe someone can help.

I can only get what you describe if I paint bucket fill the text with a texture set to 0% opaque. If you fill the text with the default texture, does it then look solid?

The could avoid having to rotate the text if you were to place it on a face that is at the angle you want the text, then move the text to its final placement.

Antialiasing was removed from Mac SketchUp in the 2017 version, so the text will look somewhat jaggy.

You could also try one of the FlatText Plugins from the Extension Warehouse. There are several versions, including Free, Lite, and Pro.

Even the free one works quite well, for placing (and if needed, editing) flat pseudo-2D text (actually, native 3D text, but un-extruded).

There’s a limited set of fonts available (afaik, the free one certainly can’t use the system fonts; I don’t know if Pro can) but they work well, in my experience, once you get the hang of setting the text size (which is very unintuitive, in my view).

3D Text Problem.skp (211.2 KB)

Here’s a small file I drew just to show examples.

On the left is ABC placed exactly as it came out of the 3D Text box with both “Filled” and “Extruded” unchecked. The top of the column to the right is the same thing rotated and with “Filled” checked. Next is the same thing filled with the paint bucket. Next has the font changed from Avenir (which was the cleanest look I could find) to Arial to match the dimensions font I have already used on the drawing. (As shown)

This is what I am seeing. It looks fine to me on the Windows.

You need to delete the ground layer. Then you’ll see that the hollow ABC has some strange problems. If you go into it and draw a line to complete a face, the outside of the B is one face, that obscures the inner areas of the B. But the inner areas are valid.

Do you mean like this?

You mean like this? That’s not unique to 3D text, though. It would happen with any shapes. try two circles one inside the other.

Any filled text gets placed just above the surface it is glued to to avoid z-fighting.
Unfilled text will be placed directly on the surface.
This can cause issue when you want the text to intersect the face.

You make a good point! Trying to find something that seems wrong.

It would be nice though if SketchUp filled the face and considered other faces that might not want the same texture.

Here it is on my Mac although it’s a little more difficult to see the jaggedness this small.

As I mentioned, antialiasing was removed from the Mac version. Not sure what 's involved in getting it back.

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