[3D Shapes Tools] (by SU Team) needs identification hash

Continuing the discussion from Drawing the Ends of Grooves that Do Not Reach an Edge:

Those are the standard native 2D shape tools.

When you install the 3D Shapes extension, it adds a “3D Shapes” sub-menu to the “Draw” menu.

NOTE! The menu image on it’s Extension Warehouse page, is obsolete. That image is from pre-v2014. (In SU v2014+ the 2D Shape commands were moved to a “Shapes” sub-menu.)

Sorry. The list item “su_shapes” is actually the “su_shapes.rb” extension registrar script for the 3D Shapes" extension. This script actually creates the real checkable list item that has the label “Shapes Tool”.

If you cannot “check” it (so it loads the it’s extension,) then you have your “Extension Load Policy” set to “Identified Extensions Only”.

And weirdly, yes, this Trimble extension has not yet had a ID hash created for it ! (Did not realize this as I run with an “Unrestricted” extension load policy (because of testing, and programming.)

You can switch to “Approval” mode, and approve it manually.

Thank you, Dan!!!

I did indeed have my Extension Load Policy set as you said. I changed it to Approve Unidentified Extensions and was able to install 3D Shapes.

Is there a plug in for 2D shapes that I should explore in addition to the 3D Shapes?

Well here is a EW search:

And besides the native tools, perhaps look for some irregular oval tool ?
Ellipses can be made by scaling a circle in only 1 axis.

You should likely install Fredo’s “Bezier Spline” and “Curvizard” tools.
They must be got from SketchUcation, but membership is free.

Some of his tools need LibFredo6, which can be installed via the Extension Warehouse:

And this is a search at the SketchUcation PluginStore on “shape”:

Thank you, again, Dan!!!

I already have the Fredo06 Lib. I’ll definitely look into the others and do some snooping around the warehouse for other plug ins.