Extension makes GIANT parts

down loaded the Extension for Cones and other 3D shapes clicked on one and got A GIANT shape . . like way off the scale of 3D printing box . . How to make one to size like maybe 100 mm tall not 10 inches tall ! . .Maybe same kind of Extension but for 3D printing ?

Way too much vitamine C, I guess.

How about searching for (for instance): resizing a component

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If you are referring to the Shapes extension from the SketchUp Team, I don’t understand your problem. The first thing that happens when you choose Draw->3D Shapes->Cone is that it opens a dialog box asking you for the height, radius, and number of sides. You have complete control over the parameters.

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And you would be better using the updated version from SketchUcation plugin store:


Humm thought I had latest one and that window did not open but downloaded the Extension again and will move it to windows and see if its the same one I have . . and remove the one I have and load this one if different !