Need help to simply change 2 dimensions


Hello guys,

i work on a project of enclosure for a 3d printing and decide to make my complete 3d printing enclosure, i make the project of DytHlt from a previous version of printer “” and i need to change 2 dimensions on this plan Enclosure_Brackets.skp (1.5 MB).

As you can see on the pic

, I need the dimension who is actually of 52.5 mm become 56mm on each side (high and low) from the rear enclosure, than this one will become compatible with my model of 3d printing.

I tryed to resize by the meters, but all the piece become stronger (proportional) and also tried to extrude the parts i need, but this are going not in the good direction…!

I’m completly noob and i think for someone who master sketchup this is really easy.

I really need help on this case than we can make this project become real, and will share this with other people who want to make the same project.

If someone can help me please and give me information on how to? because really it’s so frustrating to not arrive to make something so easy…

Thanks for your attention.


here the pic of my work when i extrude, (can only send one pic per post)


You want to do this. Is not it?

Enclosure_Brackets_ecati.skp (1.7 MB)


i just check , it’s exactly that, but 56 need to be on the other side (the long) like my screenshot


the interest for me it’s to print abs and win the harm near the printer to avoid warp.
as you can see my actual solution is not design but functional


I would like to help you, but I do not fully understand what to do. Is it like this?


i just make a big mistake,

You had make the good modification, just is it possible to put it on 75mm please?


Like this?


yes this seem perfect


Enclosure_Brackets_ecati1.skp (1.7 MB)


Thank you so much !


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