Extrusion with increasing size

Extrusion (or push-pull) is easy if the cross-section stays the same. But if I want an increasing or decreasing size along the extruded length (say, creating a cone out of a circle at the bottom), what should I do? I have a fairly complex shape, and its size should increase as it is extruded upwards. Is this possible in SketchUp Free? Thanks.

If you show us the shape we may be able to offer some specific advice.

If the shape you want is conical, you can first pushpull and then select the end face and use the scale tool.

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The shape is immaterial. Assume it is an ellipse or a rounded triangle.

Do you mean, I should first create a cylinder out of a circle and then I can scale the top face?

Sorry for this stupid question. I am a complete beginner. Thanks.

Yes, exactly

There are many ways to do things and the shape can make a big difference to what tool to use.
Scale is one, follow me would be another…


I will try this also. Thanks.

I could import a transparent png into SketchUp Free but can’t do almost anything with it. I think I have to convert it to a shape before I can extrude it. And there is probably no good way.

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