3D products are not showing up in colour/half the product is missing


Question 1: I am doing a project at the moment. I am importing products from the 3d warehouse and external sites. When I do this, they are either not showing up or half the product is missing. Please see image for reference.

Question 2: As you can see in the image provided below, there are curves on the flooring, I would like to have two different tiled flooring in this space. I have used the arc tool on the floor to trace but how do I go about placing 2 different flooring types? Let me know if you need a better clarification.

Can anyone help? Much appreciated.



Fixed my own question 1, but still needing help on question 2.


I guess you noticed that you had a section plane inside of a group and when you insert objects inside it the section will affect them as the rest of the group.
If you want to add different materials to surface you must draw the parts wher you want the different materials to be applied, it must be a closed loop, and it is doable only working on loose geometry, if you are drawing any shape that isn’t closed or doing it on a group the surface won’t change at all, there’s a free plugin called edge tools, it will tell you if your drawings aren’t closed and where are the gaps.
If you want m, you can share the file to check exactly what is going on.