3D printing and meshes

Trying to make a 3D print of an object that has a curve between 2 planes. I cannot make a solid between the 2 planes because of non-coplanar error. I put a mesh between the 2 planes but I need to put some thickness on the mesh to make it water tight. For some reason, the SketchUp people will not allow me to put a picture in this post, they say it is because I am new here. Any ideas?

Albert Drybrae

Brand-new forum members are not allowed to post images, in order to reduce the amount of spam and worse that could be created by unkind people (or their bots). I don’t recall the rules used by the forum to lift this initial restriction, either wait a bit more time, or create a reply or two to generate some more “authentic looking” forum activity, I think.

Hi Albert,
Have you tried the plugin “Shell”? it helps you create a thickness around your mesh.

Thank you Riad. How do I get this plugin?

Albert Dry;brae

If you are using the free web version as your profile indicates, plugins and extensions aren’t for you. I believe there is an Outer Shell tool that allows you to combine solid groups/components into one, however.

A little confusion because you posted in the SketchUp Pro category. I have moved your post to the SketchUp for Web/SketchUp Free category.

It would be helpful if you share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

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