3D Print Scale & SVG or EPS


Katya advised me to post here regarding features that would entice me to a paid version of Make:

  1. 3D Print scale: My primary use for sketchup is modeling for 3D printing. When in the 3D Print template, automatically scaling up by a factor of 10 and allowing the curves to be a larger segment count would be great. Example: When designing a small part and radiusing an edge, I often get, 'Radius is too small for that number of segments…" Scale up x 10, make changes, scale back… Typically I draw in 10X, but there are more a few times when I scale down, I need to adjust and scale back up…

  2. SVG or EPS import: When I want to add text (wrapped on a path) or intricate designs that are sometimes easier drawn in a art program, it would be great to import. Additionally, DWG would be great, especially with QCad out.

  3. GCode/Slicer: Katya has advised to look at the extensions, but I would love to be able to see my design as it is sliced. MANY times (as I have learned to use SU better) I have designed and found that I did not create a solid object as it reached the slicer. Currently I draw, export STL, check the layers in Cura and if all is good, go print.

  4. BIM?: My company uses Revit to design and Trimble to layout in the field. A sketchup type design tool would be most awesome.

Thank you for what you guys have made of this program. Since I decided to become a mac snob, this is my tool of choice.



You might have a look at The Dave Method if you ultimately want your parts at life size.

If you work in metric units, you could just set units to meters and work with them as if they are millimeters. It won’t matter when you export the STL file anyway.

This is already available in SketchUp Pro and has been for years.

Some of that already exists in SketchUp Pro and there are extensions that do some of it. It seems with every version of SketchUp there are more features related to BIM.

FWIW, it sounds like you need to be using SketchUp Pro.