3D plane buidings


If I had the 3D plane could select a building with some parts of APIs that building? I such an entire floor , a window … all for console? Layers would have to call them ?


I’m guessing English is not your first language. It is mine but I don’t understand your question.


I’m from Spain. If it had a drawing of a house in 3D could you upload it to the web?

And Once East on the web could do to any object (such as a window, a door) if do you click with the mouse to do something (for example change the color)


Explain in Spanish. :bulb:


Are you using a translator? If so, it is producing very odd English!

You can certainly upload a 3D model of a house to the web. But you wouldn’t necessarily be able to manipulate it in the web environment without having SU.

If you make the model into a Dynamic Component (DC), you can set up various options for it to allow web users to change them (colour, size, open/close, etc). You will have to get quite good at using SU before you venture into creating DCs though.


Quiero subir un plano de una casa en 3D a la web, cómo lo hago?
Y una vez que lo tengo subido a la web si quiera interactuar con él, es decir, que pueda moverlo para verlo ó que si tengo una puerta y le hago click con el ratón que esta cambie de color como que he seleccionado la puerta, como lo hago?


Gracias. Que significa SU?


SU = Sketchup

LO = Layout

DC = Dynamic Component


[quote=“nieves, post:6, topic:20490”]
Quiero subir un plano de una casa en 3D a la web, cómo lo hago?[/quote]You can upload your model to 3D Warehouse from within SketchUp:
Changing location and or color of groups, components etc. can be done in SketchUp. That is just like you would model any other model. (you can download your model directly into SketchUp anytime later:
To change colors of components by interaction in one click you’ll have to make DCs (Dynamic Components) with OnClick > Set (“Color”, …, …) facility:
(this is part of the “Steve” component in your default template on startup.)

You need SketchUp Pro to make components.
Interaction will also work with SketchUp Make.