3D Modeling the REAR WINDOW Film Set in SketchUp

When it comes to film set design, it doesn’t get much better than Hitchcock’s 1954 masterpiece Rear Window. The movie uses visual relationships created by the architecture of its central courtyard to explore themes of perspective and viewership.

This time on SketchUp Live, @eric-s uses SketchUp to explore the spatial relationships of the apartments.

Tune in for SketchUp tips, residential 3D modeling, and set design discussion. :eye: you there!

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Some nice views of the set.

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Really great session guys, It’s always a pleasure to watch Eric practicing his craft and when you add Matt’s humour and vocal inputs to the stream it’s always a good one.


Thanks everyone who tuned in with us. Here is the final view - I just had to detail the fire escapes or else it’d bug me :wink:

Here is also the blog post I referenced that explains the concept behind the set design: The Importance of Set Design In Hitchcock’s Rear Window – KSA MA Architectural Visualisation