Sketchup in movies

Ok, I’m watching dream scenario right now. with Nick Cage, from A24, a pair that can range from “dull over-acted” to “oh geez what am I watching right now?”

This is Nic’s wife. (they both have names, who care really)
She’s some kind of architect / works in a firm.

And clearly, she’s using a computer that belongs to someone from the creative team.

I wonder, is her model bloated ? this chair looks a bit too much. She might need to purge. Also, she’s clearly using the old interface (filmed in 22-23), her model has a lot of scenes, but too many toolbars, you need to prioritize. I wonder if she works locally or on a server…

Man, A24 is really good at using actual proper details like that. Wanna bet the PC belongs either to the place they filmed it, or to someone in the decor team ?


Good catch. I would guess it belongs to the place they filmed it… maybe an interior design office.

Hehe I spotted that too.

It was quite authentic , lots and lots of extensions

You are asking the wrong questions. We really need to know if her forum profile is up to date with her OS, graphics card and SketchUp version…

Nice catch though.

Some of that furniture is base white though - so could be proxies for rendering…


Am assuming they used the in house designers computer.

Why are all the extensions active on the toolbar? My OCT won’t let me watch this film.