Ready to take the next step

Hi all, forgive me if this is the wrong category to post this in.

About a year ago I got fed up paying a rendering firm to model/render my design work so I taught myself Sketchup and Vray. (I’m an architect/interior designer by training but we always shipped that work off in the past).

I’m now pretty decent at modeling and lighting interiors in Sketchup/Vray and hacking up furniture from the warehouse (or creating stuff if I can’t find).

I think I’m at the limit of what I can do with modeling furniture in Sketchup and wondering if you had an opinion of what I should use to take the next step to model more complicated furniture pieces on my own.

I am on a Mac for the time being. My options are either Cinema 4d or Blender to model furniture. I already have a copy of Cinema 4d so cost is negligible.

Do you have a preference for a Mac workflow for modeling furniture and importing into Sketchup w/ Blender vs Cinema? I have a Vray license for Sketchup only, so not sure if I need another for the modeling application?

Which is app more flexible/easier to model the typical things we model for interiors/architecture: fabrics, draping, complicated curved objects, etc? Fastest learning curve? Best community for tutorials focused on architecture/interiors?

Why do you think you’re at the limit of what you can model in SketchUp?