3d Model Import Question

When I import this particular model into Sketchup Make it does not appear as though it does in the 3d Warehouse preview image. Does anyone know why that is? If so, how do I get it to appear the same way? I have included a screenshot of what it looks like after importing.

Thank you for your help!

And a screenshot of what it looks like in the 3d Warehouse.

It looks to me as if the author hid or turned off layers for the rest of the model before making the screen shot. If all you want it the table and chairs edit the imported component and erase the rest.

To me it looks just like in the screenshot. Nice model, a bit overmodelled but not too much. Are you placing it partly inside your wall?

I downloaded that model from the 3DWarehouse. It is very heavy for use as entourage (over 198000 edges, 114000 faces). I’d rework it or completely redraw it to cut it down to size or it is going to impact SketchUp’s performance while working on your model.

I assume that the specific problem you are asking about is the way the lower parts of the table and chairs show through the top? That looks to me as if you have back edges showing. The shortcut key for them is by default K, and it is easy to turn them on by accident though they can also be activated from the Style edit or toolbar.

Anssi, I am placing it just inside the wall. I edited the model to remove two of the chairs and then moved the chair to place they are now.

I’m sorry, I’m a bit of a beginner at Sketchup. How do I hide or turn off layers?



That’s exactly what I was asking. I should have been more specific. The K shortcut solved my problem! Thank you!

I am an AutoCAD Draftsman of over 30 years I do mostly 2D. Can you expand on your “a bit overmodeled” comment. I understand what over modeling is in CAD basically drawing every detail but being new to Sketchup I am wondering on how much is too much. Say I want to draw a block wall. I want to it look really realistic. Should I draw every block apply a mater and stack them… Should I just apply a block looking material? Or should I draw every block stack and group them then apply a material no sure I can even do that… THanks for the Help…

In my opinion it depends on the purpose of the model. If you want a highly detailed model of a concrete block (representing the molding pattern for a block manufacturer, perhaps) then you would probably want the internal hollows with reasonably smooth curves, etc. That could easily add up to hundreds or thousands of edges and faces for one block.

If you want to model a cinder-block house, then you probably don’t want such detailed individual blocks. A simple rectangular prism block shape might suffice (replicated a few hundred times with SketchUp’s “component” feature to create the walls), or even as you mentioned create a monolithic wall as a single solid and apply a visual texture to give the appearance of separate blocks.

There is no universal answer for model complexity because there is no universal purpose for modeling.

In this case my comment was an understatement as I didn’t look at the statistics, I just thought that 4 Mb for such a simple collection of furniture was rather big. See slbaumgartner’s post above for the ugly details.

Can you please list the top three things you would do to a model to increase performance without degrading the realistic intent?

My three would be:

  • simplify geometry - use fewer segments in circles, arcs, and shapes created from them by FollowMe tool. Replace heavily detailed geometry by simpler geometry with an image. You will probably need to redraw all or parts of the model to do this
  • delete invisible internal details if present
  • reduce texture sizes to the minimum needed for your intended use

See also this post of mine for examples:

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