3D Fonts - Italic and semibold at the same time


I need to make 3D text with the font type: Berlins Sans FB Demi.

The text need to both italic and semibold. How do I do this?

Thanks in advance.

The font family would need to include a semibold italic version for you to select it. From what I can see of the Berlin Sans FB font family, there are three options; Berlin Sans FB, Berlin Sans FB Bold, and Berlin Sans FB Demi Bold.

You can Open up the Fonts panel and see what font options are included in each family. For example, Bodoni offers quite a few options.

But Tahoma, only two.

I suppose you could fake it by using the Demi Bold version and using the Skew tool from Fredo’s Fredoscale extension but I expect it would make a pretty rough italic version of the font.

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Some fonts can be added to Windows its self and It “MAY” show up in Shetchup as it is a program controlled by windows I would think . .

Yes, Lynne, fonts can be added to Windows but if the font family doesn’t include an italics version, there won’t be an option to select italics in the 3D Text window.

And I believe that the font has to be a TTF [on a PC?], as OTF fonts are ignored in 3d Text.

That is correct.