3D Connexion Wireless Mouse functions not working Sketchup Pro 2022

Hello dear forum,

I am currently having a problem with my 3D Connexion Wireless Mouse. I have completed the video tutorial and have been able to move the teapot as intended.

However, many functions in Sketchup Pro 2022 do not work. I have version 22.0.354. Zooming and moving left and right do not work.

The mouse always makes half circle and elevation movements when trying to implement these movements in Sketch Up. This is quite annoying.

Is there a menu or function I can use to adjust this?


Have you updated the drivers?

How to do that exactely? I have the version “3Dx Ware 10 →”

Maybe its also a problem of these settings:

Did you restart SketchUp after installing the 3D Connexion app? When you installed SketchUp did you do so correctly? That requires right clicking on the installer which you downloaded, and choosing Run as administrator.

Yes, after installing the 3D Connexion Software, i restarted Sketchup several times but that didnt help. It was also correctly installed. I guess i need to enable some settings in the screenshot i think, but i am not sure.

Maybe someone has an idea how to fix that?

Your screenshot is showing the setting for the Sniping tool. Make sure Sketchup has focus when you change any settings.
Have you tried unplugging the dongle and plugging it back in?

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